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  • urban-revit

    'I Did My Time at 88.9'

    Johnny Simmons has been an essential voice of KUSP since 1980. Friday, March 27th is his last Morning Edition air shift at KUSP.  ... » more

  • fog-water

    Fighter, Writer, Rocker

    Musician and writer Eugene S. Robinson talks to 7th Avenue Project's Robert Pollie in an interview about his lessons - both taught and learned. ... » more

  • fog-water

    Poetry From Prisons

    A special Poetry Show with guest Jack Bowers, from the Prison Art's Project. Jack and host Dennis Morton share poetry by inmates, in programs around the state. ... » more

  • fog-water

    Remembering Lesley Gore

    Boomers remember her from the Ed Sullivan Show and via transister radios. At 16 she recorded her first hit, It's My Party. KUSP's Eric Berg has more. ... » more

  • fog-water

    Women Plan March Across Korean DMZ

    At the UN, a group of women including a former Santa Cruz County resident and Gloria Steinem, announce a march - calling for an official end to the Korean War. ... » more

  • urban-revit

    Film Highlights the 'Wrecking Crew'

    This group of LA studio musicians was behind so many hits - but shown very little recognition. A new documentary hopes to change that. ... » more

  • urban-revit

    Petri Dish of Family Secrets

    Commentator and author Sandip Roy discusss his new novel, Dont Let Him Know with Renée Montagne on Morning Edition ... » more

  • urban-revit

    I Am Lakshmi Singh

    Thanks to ex-KUSP host Sean Rameswaram, #Lakshmeme is taking off. Read 'How an NPR newscaster became a hat and meme', on Current.org's website ... » more


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